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PRACTICAL Virus/SPAM content filters

  • Cloudmark Authority Milter High performance spam, phishing, and malware protection for your Postfix installation.
  • Kaspersky Linux Mail Security system.
  • amavisd-new utility, a high-performance interface between MTA and virus/SPAM scanners.
  • Dr.Web anti-virus & anti-spam for Telecoms and businesses with heavy mail traffic; available as solution and SDK.
  • ClamSMTP content filter based on the ClamAV anti-virus software.
  • spampd spam filtering, transparent SMTP/LMTP proxy using SpamAssassin, in Perl by Maxim Paperno.
  • mailscanner system, works with Postfix and other MTAs. WARNING: This software uses unsupported methods to manipulate Postfix queue files directly. This will result in corruption or loss of mail. The mailscanner authors have sofar refused to discuss a proper access API or protocol.
  • RBL analysis tools by Craig Sanders.



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